We provide a wide range of services at Somerville Family Practice, but there are times when it is helpful to involve a specialist in your care. Before seeing a specialist it is best to meet with one of the providers in our office to help determine who can be of the most help to you. We have close affiliations with many specialists at Mount Auburn Hospital and Cambridge Health Alliance. They communicate well with us and with each other, and we have access to all of the information in both hospitals from our office, and so we are able to review any lab tests or x-rays that they may order. Accordingly, we generally refer to doctors at those institutions should consultation be needed.

After we determine the best specialist for you, it is often easier for you to call them directly and make the appointment for a time that is most convenient for you. We are also very willing to arrange this for you if you would like. Prior to your appointment you also need to call our office so that we can submit the referral form needed by your insurance company. Without this referral they may not pay for your visit.

When you call our office, the front desk staff will need to know the name and phone number of the specialist, the date of your upcoming visit, and the problem for which you are consulting them. Each health plan has its own guidelines on specialist referrals. If you have any further questions about referral restrictions imposed by your health plan, we suggest you contact them directly.